When businesses and neighbors
grow together, communities thrive

LendSquare helps neighbors lend money to businesses, and businesses pay them back. Our website handles all the legal stuff, calculations, and even payments. It's that easy.

Current LendSquare Campaigns

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Zaleski & Horvath Market Cafe

We started Z&H almost four years ago with the idea of bringing something new and unique to Hyde Park. We financed t...

Chicago, IL
$18,500 ASK
Funded-ribbon Funded_copy Blue-blender Open_produce10

Open Produce

Summer is here and our precious fresh produce does not agree with the heat. Improving our AC will translate to f...

Chicago, IL
$7,000 ASK
Funded-ribbon Funded_copy Blue-blender Ugly-mug-banner

Ugly Mug Cafe

We are going to use the loan to buy new equipment for the kitchen and to transform our outdoor seating area. We want ...

Chicago, IL
$25,000 ASK
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Max's Take Out

We have been growing at the rate of 10% per year for the past 3 years, which is **great** for a place that is only 70...

Chicago, IL
$15,000 ASK

LendSquare creates a positive cycle of prosperity


You choose your terms

Businesses choose interest rates they can afford, and lenders choose returns they are happy with. It's business-friendly, it's investor-friendly — it's a win-win.

There are no fees to lend money. Businesses only pay a fee if they get a loan. Creating a campaigns is free.

We don't call it crowdfunding, we call it local community investment

We think the businesses that should grow are the ones people value the most. When you invest directly in businesses you like, you shape your neighborhood and community.

We think loans are better than gifts. If you are giving money to a business, it's only fair they pay you back… and with interest too! Lending money to a business creates a stronger bond than making a gift. Sharing success is a good thing.


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