About LendSquare

What we do (in pictures)

So What’s LendSquare? from LendSquare on Vimeo.

We’re LendSquare, and we help people invest in businesses in their neighborhood. People lend money to the businesses they value the most. ¬†Businesses pay them back once a month, which means they pay interest to their customers instead of paying banks. We help small businesses grow in a way that rewards them for providing value to their communities.

Why we do what we do

Small businesses need access to credit in order to grow. Traditional sources of credit (say, banks) make small loans difficult to obtain.  Without access to affordable credit, small businesses often have to choose between postponing plans for growth or resorting to high-interest sources of credit like business credit cards. We founded LendSquare to solve this problem.

We want small businesses to grow and thrive, but especially those small businesses that are most valuable to their communities. Community lending is the first step in that direction.